Goji Smart Lock comes with a built-in video camera


Goji Smart Lock comes with a built-in video camera

Modern solutions for smart locks are available in two versions: either they modify your existing bolts, or completely replace them. Goji is in the last group, but differentiates himself, integrating the camera directly into the external component.
Of course, you can always install one of the other smart locks along with the security camera on the front door. However, this component combines one device that simplifies installation, allowing them to work in unison, so your camera does not need to spend energy on a full-time basis - it can simply be activated when the smart lock detects the presence of someone outside Door.
Goji is a fully integrated locking solution that houses electronics, motorized machinery and batteries inside a pair of ball-shaped faceplates that have digital screens displaying messages and warnings. Like other smart gateways, it is designed to work with a smartphone application that communicates with the system via Bluetooth, although they also offer phobes with built-in Bluetooth radios that you can use to open the door, similar to what Kwikset offers with Their intellectual castle Kevo. However, making the functionality even more important, the beans are fully programmed, allowing you to use one fob to open several locks around the house, so you just need one for the front door, backdoor and any other place where you have Goji lock installed .
All settings and programming can be done using the application for smartphones, where you can also view the channel from the camera to look at who enters your home. Features include 128-bit AES encryption, eliminating false discoveries (using sensors that detect whether you are inside or outside the house) and maintaining a data log (it maintains a database of all who have come and gone).

Goji Smart Lock comes with a built-in video camera


17 August 2017 /
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