HOPii gives exceptional simplicity to beer brewing


HOPii gives exceptional simplicity to beer brewing

This is not the first brewing machine intended for use in the countertop. Although they greatly simplify home brewing, many still look intimidating, requiring a little more work than most people will probably accept. HOPii changes this.
A device designed to simplify home brewing during installation and forgetting, allows you to remove the multistage processes required by similar products on the market. Instead, you just need to put all your ingredients in the camera, select the recipe that you brew, and let the darn thing rip. The device monitors everything else using an intelligent automatic monitoring system, so you will never have to register again on the device until it notifies you that the beer is ready to be drawn from the tap.
Because it seeks to simplify home brewing, HOPii does not require users to purchase ingredients. Instead, you can order beer sets directly from clothes that contain everything you need to make a batch of any beer recipe in your composition. Each kit contains a three-liter bottle of wort, packing ingredients (dry hops and flavors) and a packet of yeast, all of which you just need to place inside each specified camera in the device, after which you can leave it to its own devices. You select a recipe from the onboard color display, the menu of which you can navigate through the buttons directly under the screen.
Using an intelligent sensor with a closed loop and built-in algorithms, the device can monitor and control the fermentation time, pressure value and temperature level inside the device, ensuring that the beer is brewed exactly, that the original recipe is correctly observed. Depending on the recipe, the device will take four to seven days to turn these raw ingredients into three liters of ready-to-use foam.
After the brewing ends, you can either leave the beer in HOPii, which will keep it cold on its own, or remove the bottle inside, which you can then put in the refrigerator to free the device for a new batch of brew. Cleaning, by the way, is just as simple as brewing a serving of beer - just put in the roof of the lock, add a little water, put some disinfectant and start the cleaning process, after which the device will process everything after that.
According to the attire, they are currently conversing with several breweries around the world that supply them with their own branded recipes, so you can enjoy the recipes of your favorite brewery on the east coast, living the whole country on the other side. They also have 40 exclusive recipes that they developed on their own, with new recipes that are planned to be added to the lineup every month after the first launch.
Advanced brewers who want to use it for their recipes can adjust the ingredients accordingly, even if they replace their own beer wort with the one that comes in the kit. Trick? You can only cook based on the settings for the programmed recipes (since the device does everything autonomously), so you may need a trial version and an error to find out how each batch turns out.
Currently, HOPii is running the Kickstarter campaign. You can reserve a unit for pledges, starting at $ 299.

04 November 2017 /
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