Fitbit Ionic - full-featured Smartwatch with four days of battery life

Fitbit Ionic - full-featured Smartwatch with four days of battery life

Fitbit spoiled itself in using smartwatch functions in its fitness trackers, integrating features such as notifications, messages and music playback controls. This time they officially get into the smartwatch business with the new Fitbit Ionic.
A full-fledged smartwatch, suitable for wearing, will not be able to display notifications and messages similar to their previous products. Instead, the black piece comes with its own platform called Fitbit OS, which will support third-party applications at launch, which will enable it to turn into a much more complex tool.
On the outside, the Fitbit Ionic looks like an updated version of Fitbit Blaze, although with a slightly more sophisticated aesthetics. However, in the case it is a completely different device that provides better equipment, better software and a completely different experience. Of course, it's equipped with the same activity tracking features as other Fitbit products, allowing you to record steps, heart rate, burned calories, total active minutes and sleep activity.
Along with the built-in GPS, carrying should be able to track the distance, altitude, pace and even your entire route, giving you much more information than the previous effort of the outfit. It is also waterproof up to 50 meters, which means that all sensors can remain active while you are in the pool, so you can use it to track the statistics of the swimming training, including the number of laps, the duration and the number of calories burned.
In addition to running and swimming, Fitbit Ionic also can track cycling, resistance training and several other sports - just set them in the profile before training to make sure that it correctly tracks your actions. It also features integrated dynamic coaching, which displays guidance and recommendations on the screen in real time, so you can get useful tips while doing your workouts.
Like other smartwares, the device can connect to the phone and receive notifications, all of which can be personalized according to your preferences. It also comes with an NFC chip that you can use to store information about your visa, Mastercard and Amex, so you can pay for purchases with just a few checks on the screen. Oh yes, it is designed to work with iOS, Android and Windows phones, so there is a good chance that it will play well with any phone that you are currently using.
Although you can use it as a control for playing music on your phone, the Fitbit Ionic itself comes with a memory capacity of up to 300 songs, so you can enjoy the playlist in the gym, even leaving your phone in the locker. What can be its most important function, the built-in battery is designed for four days of standard operation, although it drops to 10 hours with GPS enabled, so you can use it economically.
It comes with a full-color touch screen with Glass 3 gorillas on top for amplification, and also with three buttons on the sides for added control. This display, by the way, has a brightness of 1000 nits, ensuring that it will be perfectly visible even in direct sunlight.

04 November 2017 /
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